Oráculos de la moda sostenible

Como en todos los campos, el mundo de la moda sostenible también cuenta con un conjunto de personalidades influyentes en el tema, a los que se debe conocer y seguir para estar al día o saber qué se avecina.

Os dejamos el listado de oráculos elaborado a partir del disponible en Ecouterre:

1. Marie-Claire Daveu (Kering)

2. Simone Cipriani (Ethical Fashion Initiative)

3. Lewis Perkins (Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute)

4. Livia Firth (Eco-Age, Green Carpet Challenge)

5. Orsola de Castro (Estethica, From Somewhere, Reclaim to Wear)

6. Suzy Amis Cameron (Red Carpet Green Dress)

7. Yixiu Wu (Greenpeace East Asia)

8. Christina Sewell (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

9. Sarah Ditty (Ethical Fashion Forum)

10. Christina Dean (Redress HK)

11. Marci Zaroff (Portico Brands, Thread: Driving Fashion Forward)

12. Giusy Bettoni (C.L.A.S.S.)

13. Sass Brown (Eco-Fashion Talk)

14. Elizabeth Cline (Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion)

15. Safia Minney (People Tree)

16. Yael Aflalo (Reformation)

17. Javier Goyeneche (Ecoalf)

18. John Patrick (Organic)

19. Karen Stewart and Howard Brown (Stewart + Brown)

20. Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood (Wool and the Gang)

22. Francisca Pineda (Bhava, Ethical Fashion Academy)

24. Anthony Lilore (Restore Clothing, Save the Garment Center)

25. Bob Bland (Manufacture NY)

26. Chrissie Lam (The Supply Change)

27. Shannon Whitehead (Factory45)

28. Deanna Clark (Fashion Institute of Technology)

29. Bianca Alexander (Conscious Living TV)

30. Rebecca Burgess (Fibershed)

31. Laura Kissel (Cotton Road)

32. Leah Borromeo (Dirty White Gold)

33. Suzanne McKenzie (Able Made)

34. David Dietz (Modavanti)

35. Rachel Kibbe (Helpsy)

36. Jill Heller (The Pure Thread)

37. Anna Griffin (Coco Eco)

38. Amy DuFault (Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator)

39. Greta Eagan (Fashion Me Green, Wear No Evil)

40.Elena Salcedo (Shared Value, BeCo becool, beconscious, Gustavo Gili, Fabrics for Freedom)


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